Table, wine in moastery celebration

Table, wine in moastery celebration

Are you thinking about organizing a conference, a meeting or another kind of event in your company? Have you already decided where are you going to celebrate it?

In the following lines, I’m going to give you five compelling reasons to choose a monastery as an excellent place to celebrate your business event.

  1. Find the necessary concentration. Monasteries have been since ancient times perfect places for reflection and study. Silence, millenary stones and austerity create a special atmosphere that brings you to concentration. So, in case your company has to take important decisions or rethinking business strategy, monasteries appear as one of the best locations to do it.
  2. Originality. If you are looking for a different space to do teambuilding or specific training, a monastery could be the right place. Far away from the big city, typical conference centers and cold offices, and without the noise and the stress of the big city. On the contrary, a monastery offers you a decontaminated space to build a renewed relationship and reinforce your work team.
  3. Well connected. Monasteries are in the most of cases very well connected and easily accessible. They offer parking facilities, suitable for all kind of vehicles, included large buses. So, if you are celebrating a big event for your company in a monastery, you won’t have to worry about logistics.
  4. Wide spaces and natural surroundings. Monasteries use to be great buildings because they have served as a home for a community of priests. And, in some cases, they still are. They offer a plenty of different sized rooms to develop all kind of corporate activities: from reduced group meetings to large group dynamics. Moreover, monasteries are usually located in a natural environment. For that reason, they are especially suitable for outdoor activities and teambuilding.
  5. Exclusive and memorable. If you want to make your business event unique and unforgettable, a monastery would be the best choice. The majesty of its architecture and the vast history behind its walls confers a magical power that will get fixed in the participant’s memory. As memorable places, monasteries can offer to your event an especial imprint. This can be translated to a concrete achievement/agreement reached in there by giving its name, like ” The Poblet Agreement”. In this way, the monastery become part of the company’s history and vice versa.

In Catalonia we have a lot of fabulous medieval and modernist monasteries available for being used as business events locations. They are mostly reachable from the main airports and high-speed train stations. Have you ever organized a business event in a monastery? How did it go?

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