Dacucat | MICE: DHL ConferenceLast October 2015 Catalonia hosted an important conference about the automotive sector of the German multinational company DHL, a global leader in logistics and freight transport, organized by its international division DHL Costumer Solutions & Innovation in collaboration with DAUCAT Serveis Turístics de Catalunya, SL.

The conference was attended by the heads of the main logistics vehicle manufacturing factories in Spain, aimed to share knowledge and trends in automotive logistics.

An event that joined professional conferences -the conference- with the international team meeting –the incentive-.





The venue of the conference was the World Trade Center, where a series of plenary sessions and workshops where hold, and where the techniques of Meeting Design were applied. During the previous day several preliminary work sessions were also held.

DAUCAT was responsible for recruiting all areas, technical equipment, catering, accommodation (Barcelona Princess Hotel), transport and leisure activities as a private visit to facilities the Port of Barcelona. The overall coordination of the event was the responsibility of DAUCAT.

Testimoni de l’èxit

El WTC de Barcelona fue el un marco ideal para nuestro objetivo de reunir los expertos de la logística de automoción. Tuvimos un valioso diálogo sobre las actuales necesidades y como las innovaciones disruptivas van a cambiar profundamente a nuestro sector.
Alexander Gunde
VP German Automotive, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation