It is an immense pleasure to welcome you to Daucat’s blog. At first you might be wondering what is Daucat, so with this first post, my intention is to convey its roots, its motivations and its aspirations. This could be done with a corporate and commercial approach, but for this we already have the website, which we invite you to visit.

Daucat was established due to a personal entrepreneurial project with the intention of internationally strengthening and promoting the regions of Lleida in the fields of ornithology, geology and astronomy. Lleida is a leader in these three areas of study as well as in the observation of nature. The great diversity of its habitats favours the fact that it is a place where you can observe a very large quantity of different birds, some of them true rarities that are highly prized by scholars. Its geological wealth is recognized not only for its large number of protected areas and geozones, but also for its professionals who develop their studies there and for lovers of its spots. In the Pyrenees foothills and mountain areas there are large areas where the skies are free of any light pollution that can be observed with the naked eye, with instruments that bring us even closer, or even photograph it. Indeed, Lleida is a place where professionals, students, and amateurs in these disciplines, or simply nature lovers, can find one of the best places in the world to enjoy it in a small space of only 12,000 km2.

Bienvenidos a Daucat

Moreover, Daucat firmly believes that the exponential growth of the tourism sector can promote the attraction of meetings, incentives, conferences, conventions and assemblies that are drawn by their own values, differentiation and the vicinity of our territory to a recognized brand like Barcelona. All of this contributes to Lleida taking a place in events where the goal is to combine the services necessary for the celebration of the event with activities that promote environmental awareness and conservation.

Thus, Daucat’s path or mission is to make its territory, Lleida, visible to the rest of the world, promoting tourism that generates either experience or business, absolutely responsible and sustainable in its impact on the territory, favouring the activities developed and reinvesting in the conservation of its tourism assets and that of its society.

Daucat’s vision is to make Lleida an international point of reference in the organization of experiential nature travel and business tourism in the areas where we specialize, but also other sectors that are attracted to a region that has the means to achieve their results in a more responsible and sustainable manner.

As an entrepreneur of the project, I must say that even though I was born in the great city of Barcelona, in this territory I have found a place to live, enjoy my hobbies, work intensely and have the possibility of actively participating in favour of the preservation of its natural heritage… a place where nature overwhelms wherever you go. Many of the collaborators involved in one way or another in this project are also people from the great capital and others are people that were born here. All the same, each having their own speciality, we have recognized how important it is to preserve this land by means of dissemination and awareness of its values, both for the people who live here as well as those visiting.

This blog that begins today will be the channel for new information related to the agency and its environment. From news related to the activities of the agency, such as new products, projects and events organized, information on curiosities concerning the world of ornithology, geology and astronomy, and also news on the tourism meeting sector. We will also inform you about current events in the tourism sector of the territory and its calendar of events. This information will be directed, on the one hand, to people interested in the activities and developments in the field of experiential and nature tourism, whether professional or amateur, and on the other hand, also to professionals in the tourism sector and companies looking for new business proposals within the sector. This space also aims to be an information point for the people of the territory that wish to learn more about the initiatives that are being carried out.

Finally, I want to send a huge thank you to all the people who have believed from the beginning in this ambitious project, from the people closest to me personally that have supported and encouraged me, to colleagues in the various specialities, because without them we would not have come this far. Also a special thanks to the many professionals who helped to build this website with contents of an exquisite quality. Thanks to all of you.

DAUCAT takes flight!

Sergi Alarcón